GEMS Tutoring

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We offer online and in-person (individual and group) classes for middle and high school students. The tables below list the courses and standardized tests that are currently being offered. 


Algebra -I
Algebra - II


Academic and Pre-AP Level Math

Standardized Tests Preparation

STAAR - Math
CBE - Math
ACT - Math
SAT - Math
TMSCA - Number Sense, Calculator, General Math
GRE - Math
GMAT - Math

TMSCA Camp/Classes for Middle School Students

Would you like your child to be prepared for the TMSCA competition? Would you like them to be part of their school's Math and Science Team participating and excelling in the competition? Then, look no further. We offer classes in Summer and Fall that cover tricks and techniques to solve the Number Sense, General Math and Calculator tests conducted by TMSCA. Students practice and learn how to solve thousands of questions from the past tests. Concepts are covered from Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, etc. This also helps students in significantly improving their Math grades in middle school.

We have very limited seats. Register as soon as possible.

Summer 2017 TMSCA Classes