Feedback and Reviews from Parents and Students

  •  My daughter finished with an "A" in Pre-AP Geometry. She had to get 94 or higher on her final exam in order to finish with the "A". ..Thanks for your help. {Mom of a 9th grade student in Tompkins High School, Katy}

  • Happy Thanksgiving and I want to thank you for all your help that you have given to me in Math. Without you I would probably be getting 50s and 60s. Thank you so much for your help. {11th grade student of Pre-AP Algebra in Seven Lakes High School, Katy. He finished the semester with a 89 in Pre-AP Algebra.} 

  • Thank you so much. I appreciate all the help. {Mom of 10 grade student of Geometry in Tompkins High School, Katy.}

  • My daughter got a 100 on quiz. She finished the semester with a 92. You did wonders for her. She finished with A's in both the semesters. {Mom of a 9th grade student, Pre-AP Geometry; Tompkins High School, Katy}

  • I just wanted to let you know that I got 92 on the final and an A for the semester! {Geometry student from Seven lakes High School, Summer 2017}

  • I am happy to share the news that my boys got 96% in the Math STAAR test. {Mom of 7th grade students from Woodcreek Junior High School, 2016-17}

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